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We’re your answer for lower cost repair and maintenance of your Aura, Lyra, Venus, Gemini or 800 Series Laserscope laser. We can repair or replace hand pieces and chillers.

Laserscope: Aura, Lyra, Venus and Gemini Repairs and Maintenance. Versastat Handpiece Repair, Chiller Repair and at a LOWER COST !

laserscope machineLaserScope: This site is for the owners of Laserscope /Iridex /Cutera lasers, namely, Gemini, Aura, Lyra, Venus as well as 800’s. We supply parts, service and technical support worldwide. Handpiece repair is a major issue for owners of these lasers and we provide optimal handpiece repair on Versastat i, 10mm Versastat, all Dermastats and Versastats at comparatively low cost. We also provide limited service and parts on Candela systems, including water pumps, power supplies, handpieces and fibers. We also service Candela lasers at deeply discounted rates.
Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have regarding your laser.
Tired of the high cost of keeping your Aura, Lyra, Venus or Gemini running? You’ve found the answer. We can keep your laser running at a fraction of the cost you’re used to. We fix Versastat i’s, 10mm Versatstat, Dermastat, Coolspot and chillers.
We buy Auras, Lyras, Venus and Gemini lasers and handpieces.